Beside all the stainless steel milk frothing pitchers and upcoming teflon pitchers we were looking for a bit more colourful way of steaming milk.

We offer a various palltett of colours in our range, which can easily expanded if you have the need for a special colour.

The market offers more then 100 different pitchers to choose from. We just go with the best 2 we could find for our project.

It is also possibe to sent in your own pitcher and we coat it your way – prices on request.


We developed a uniqe technique of powder coating for our pitchers, which allows us to choose more then just one colour.

This technique offers us the possibiliy to clean the pitcher in an easy way. We recommend to wash your Milkyp’s with just water and detergent, not with the dishwasher or rinser, to keep the coating long lasting.

With this high-end glossy coating you won‘t be able to see fingerprints on them.

Our coating is:

food save & UV-resistant!


We are not a big cooperation and completely independant. Just two people which are in the coffee business for a long time and do believe that our unique product will support baristas worldwide.

Just have fun with our products and keep pushing quality in the coffee business to the next level.



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